Freediver IPA - Gluten-free beer

Tropical Sunset IPA

Those early mornings and late nights can be taxing so make sure to fit in a sunset here and there. With our Tropical Sunset IPA your mind will be at ease while your taste buds are surfing under a golden orange sunset. The combination of hops pulls in notes of citrus and mango, while our grains provide undertones of honey and biscuits. Our Tropical Sunset IPA is perfectly sunsetty (yeah, we made up that word) just like the sunset.

Beach Break Belgian White - Gluten-free beer

Beach Break Belgian White

Between the hustle and bustle sometimes you just need to take a break. Beach Break Belgian White is the perfect blend of crisp and refreshing. With a full-bodied grain bill and the perfect combination of tangerine peel and coriander this beer has a smooth start with light caramel finish. Our Beach Break Belgian White is a testament to those who deserve a moment to nurture the soul!

Sunset Tropical IPA - Gluten-free beer

Hang Ten Pilsner

For the adventurers and the daring (and anyone else who enjoys pilsners) our Hang Ten Pilsner is ideal for any escape. With a mixture of the lightest roasted millet and aromatic hops this is sure to have you for another.


Limited Releases

Innovation is at the core of our business! We are excited to share our limited release beers with you. Follow us on social media to find out which beer is currently on rotation!