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Robyn Campbell | Cold Crash Brewing | Gluten-free Craft Beer | Seattle, WA

Robyn Campbell | Owner & Founder

Erin Treankler | Cold Crash Brewing | Gluten-free Craft Beer | Seattle, WA

Erin Treankler | Owner & Founder

What are the chances that two people would randomly meet and happen to share a passion for brewing? About the same as one of them finding out they have a gluten allergy while attending pastry school!

Meet Robyn Campbell and Erin Treankler, owners and founders of Cold Crash Brewing Company. The duo met in 2017 while working at one of the largest coffee and beverage companies in the world. Upon crossing paths the two soon realized that they both enjoyed the science and craft of fermentation whether beer, cider, or mead! Not only that, but each of them had always dreamed of owning and operating their own business. But why gluten-free beer?

In 2012, after graduating with a degree in business Erin decided to attend pastry school. She quickly discovered that she was allergic to gluten, but continued through the program. Upon graduation, Erin was inspired to take her expertise and apply them towards developing her own gluten-free recipes, focusing on a business venture in mead and cider.

Meanwhile, Robyn had been experimenting with various homebrew recipes since 2012 and graduated with a specialized chemical engineering degree in commercial ethanol production, as well as computer science. Robyn aspired to apply her knowledge of control systems and technology to a personal venture! With Erin’s business and pastry background and Robyn’s chemical engineering and computer science background the two concluded that brewing gluten-free beer was something they had to try themselves.

After several successful small-scale batches of gluten-free beer, Erin and Robyn decided they wanted to share their craft with other beer lovers, whether gluten intolerant or not! In 2019, Cold Crash Brewing Co. was officially established.